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An exciting, fast-paced short game of cricket, entertainment, activities for children and more
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Proudly supporting the Luke Batty Foundation
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Designed to entertain and incorporating backyard rules developed exclusively for the Luke Batty Foundation
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Played by 30 leading Australian personalities across sport, entertainment and the media and unlike anything seen before

Medibank Celebrity 20Twenty proudly supporting the Luke Batty Foundation

The Medibank Celebrity 20Twenty is an exciting, fast-paced short form game of cricket which will be played in a simulated T20 format incorporating traditional backyard rules developed exclusively for the Luke Batty Foundation.

Designed to entertain, the Medibank Celebrity 20Twenty will be played by thirty leading Australian personalities across sport, entertainment and the media.

The day will consist of cricket, entertainment, activities for children, opportunities for player autographs, merchandise and giveaways in a family-friendly community event for all to enjoy.


 Sunday 21 February


North Port Oval
541 Williamstown Rd, Port Melbourne


12pm – 6pm
Gates open 10am


harrison craig

Harrison Craig

Everyone knows Harrison Craig from his stand out performances on The Voice Australia. Harrison Craig has become one of Australia’s most loved performers and we are very grateful to have him join us and perform our National Anthem.

Jason Heerah

Jason Heerah

Named as 'The best singing drummer in the world' by the X Factor judging panel, Jason finished in the Top 6 in 2014. His rendition of Pharrell Williams' smash 'Happy' at his X-Factor audition has had over 1 million views on YouTube. Jason is renowned for his family values and love of life and we are delighted to have him rocking our half time show.

Pete Lazer

Pete Lazer

Whatever the show, whenever the event, Pete is a true professional who has made a career out of talking about anything to everyone – from the most famous sports stars or Prime Ministers, from rock legends to the everyday man or woman on the street. He’s the voice of BBL and many other events at our greatest sporting arenas and we are excited to have Pete host this year's Medibank Celebrity 20Twenty.


Kids activities on the day will include face painting, cricket pop, Medibank Celebrity Autograph Zones plus more.

Food & Beverages

Food and beverages will be available for purchase on the day inclusive of pies, pasties, sausage rolls, sandwiches and sausage sizzles plus a variety of drinks, water, coffee and more. Thanks to our partners Coca Cola, Grinders, Mount Franklin, Patties and the Port Melbourne Cricket Club.

The Game

  • Each team will consist of 15 or more leading Australian personalities across sport, entertainment and media inclusive of 4 players who have won the opportunity to pay through event sponsor promos
  • Each team will have their own bunker on the side of the ground inclusive of an autograph area
  • The game will consist of two, 20 over innings comprising of 2 x 5 over power plays (known as Luke plays) and 10 normal overs
  • The Luke plays consist of the bowling side selecting 2 x 5 Luke plays within their 20 over innings and the batting team comply with the bowling teams selection
  • The other remaining  2 x 5 over blocks will play be played incorporating the regular T20 format
  • Both sides must comply with back yard rules within these Luke plays - including tippity, the fielding team can catch a ball after one bounce with one hand, not out first ball and the last batsman stands and can play until they are out
  • Each batsman must retire at 30
  • Traditional rules such as catching, bowled wickets, run out, leg before wicket and other traditional rules also apply though the Luke plays
  • Tippity means that when a batsman hits the ball they must run to the other end of the pitch with the other batsman also running to the striking end
  • More than one run can be complete in either format
  • One hand one bounce means that the fielding team can catch the ball with only one hand if the ball bounces or two hands if they can catch the ball on the full
  • Not out first ball means that any batsman cannot go out first ball within the Luke plays only
  • If a batsman reaches 30 then they must retire but can come back in if the team is bowled out
  • The next batsman will then come into play
  • If a team is bowled out, any batsman who has retired is permitted to come back in to play
  • Last man standing means if there is only one batsman left within the limited overs they can bat until they go out without any other team mates required
  • If a team is bowled out, any batsman who has retired is permitted to come back in to play
  • Each player must bowl at least one over and the remaining five can be bowled by anyone on the bowling team
  • The fielding team must rotate each over around the ground and off the bench with all 15 players having the opportunity to field in each position and being actively involved in the game
  • Each fielding team will have approximately 9 players on the field at once
  • The wicket keeper of each team is the only person not to rotate
  • There will be a number of autograph zones around the ground for players to work with to sign autographs plus give away game merchandise

Pack your blanket and chairs and join us for one of this year’s most memorable events in support of Rosie Batty and the Luke Batty Foundation.

In memory of Luke Batty and all victims of domestic violence.

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